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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Brad and I had the pleasure of working with Gabriel in Houston, Texas at our two-day STEAMA Academy sports’ camp that focused on Life after Sports. We partnered with Alief Independent School District to work with some of their student-athletes to teach them how they learn, what career paths they should investigate and how to stay connected to support their mental-health and community.

One student by the name of Gabriel stood out to us because he was very inquisitive and confident. He had a clear idea of where he wanted to go after high school and how he would use his sports and his artistic ability to propel him to his future endeavors. When I first interacted with him, I was a little insecure that STEAMA Academy wouldn’t live up to his expectations. But the great thing is that it did.

After Gabriel’s participation in his STEAMA enrichment program Gabriel learned that he is going to open a business called the Next Generation of Scientists, with its mission focusing on inspiring and cultivating the advancement of science in the Alief community. Gabriel knows that based on his intelligence type as well as his interest and abilities he should pursue a STEM career in health care because he is a logical/mathematical and verbal/linguistic learner and is fascinated by the body and the science behind it. And through STEAMA Academy Gabriel was able to connect with Dr. John Knight, currently a financial professional and Medicare consultant with over 40-years of experience in Corporate America.

Dr. John Knight, a resident of Houston, Texas, has agreed to mentor Gabriel to his future career path and business goal. Dr. John Knight believes with his background in Senior Executive positions in Aerospace, Computers, and Higher Education where he highlighted his expertise in strategic marketing and financial management, he has the necessary skills and background to guide Gabriel to his future aspirations.

Cheers to I&I International’s STEAMA Academy program teaching another student to learn how their brain works, what career path they should pursue and an opportunity to connect to a mentor in their community to guide them.

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