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Using a Screwdriver


Science & Technology through Engineering, Arts, Mathematics & Engineering

STEAMA Academy recognizes the value of enrichment programs because it offers opportunities for students to further their learning, therefore, raising their academic performance. Enrichment programs after school and on weekends also promote safety and security for our youth.  STEAMA Academy's unique enrichment programs increase academic motivation because we ensure that our programs offer activities that are engaging and cater to our different learners and their individual needs.  

The STEAMA Sponsorship provides an opportunity for students from various socioeconomic backgrounds in the Tampa Bay area a chance to connect with their peers in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Athletics.  By becoming a STEAMA Sponsor you are not only helping us in our mission to keep students safe, but you are also aiding in our vision to facilitate them with becoming future global leaders in their STEM careers. 

Register here.

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