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"The Science of Teaching"

STEAMA Academy

STEAMA Academy is an after-school and summer enrichment program catering to students in grades K-8. We collaborate closely with partnering schools, districts, businesses, and community organizations to understand their needs and goals. Based on this collaboration, we develop a tailored curriculum that focuses on accelerating student learning, promoting mental health, and providing differentiated instruction. Our program empowers students by offering them choices and allowing them to have a voice in their academic and enrichment learning.

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I&I: Community Meeting

Our community meetings foster communication, engagement, and collaboration amongst the STEAMA students and staff. We use this time to connect with our students, celebrate their successes, guide them in problem-solving, and overcoming obstacles. 

Enrichment Learning

Ashley Jones

STEAMA Academy begins our programs by assessing how our students' brain work so we can match our instruction to helping them accelerate their comprehension and memory of grade level standards and academic content. 

Tess Brown


During our showcase time students participate in project-based learning. It's their time to let their creativity to have voice and choice.

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Lisa Rose


Our classes always end with students having a choice of different classes that work on developing their mental and physical health


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