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Message from the President of STEAMA

Welcome to STEAMA. With my background as a former Division I college athlete, experience as a mother of four children, and over twenty years of working in the educational field in one of the largest school districts in the United States, I understand the crucial elements that are often missing in education, which are necessary to support our students. At STEAMA, we collaborate with schools and organizations to assess their educational needs, enabling us to design customized enrichment curricula and training programs that accelerate academic performance, promote mental health, and enhance career readiness for children.


At STEAMA, our programs are designed to enhance students' understanding of how their brain functions and equip them with effective strategies to accelerate comprehension and retention of course content. We believe in instilling a growth mindset in all our students, empowering them with a personalized roadmap to achieve their future academic and career goals. Our programs integrate social-emotional learning through student-led activities that utilize 21st-century and executive functioning skills. STEAMA strives to establish a strong connection between learning and the real world, bridging the achievement gap in student performance.

Karina Burgess-Streeter, Ed. S.

President of STEAMA 


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