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Schools are heavily criticized for not providing students with real world professional training.  At STEAMA Career, we integrate academic and corporate training to provide the next generation of business leaders with immersive experiences that allow them to test their academic abilities in corporate settings.


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Our Program

Our STEAMA Career program maps out a pathway for students to enlist, employ, or further their education based on interests and abilities. Our assessments align students to careers and our STEAMA Career Coaches guide students on the most advantageous courses and internships to assist them with building their foundation before they graduate high school.


Our STEAMA Internships provide students with the opportunity to explore potential career paths and gain insight into various industries all while earning industry certifications, high school and college credit.

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Our STEAMA Career internships allow students to build valuable connections and expand their professional network. They can interact with professionals in their chosen field, including supervisors, mentors, and colleagues, who can provide guidance, advice, and potential future job opportunities.  Our goal at STEAMA is to support our students with building a strong network early on so they have a bridge to their future career prospects.


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By working in a professional setting, students can observe and understand the day-to-day operations, job responsibilities, and workplace culture of different fields. This experience helps them make more informed decisions about their future career choices.

To learn more about getting connected to our STEAMA Career, please click here.

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